Music is chosen each year to be represented on the CD: “Sound Bytes From St. Cloud.”

Music is reviewed annually by Kerygma Productions.

Music is graded on music structure, melody, and lyrics. Music may be submitted at any time. All money raised from the sales of CD’s is used for the production of next year’s CD. At present all songs have been written and performed by local writers and musicians. If your music is selected to be released on our CD you will be notified. Your music will be graded even if it is not selected to be released on CD.

Currently there is no cost to you for this service. You only need to submit your music. Your music will not be used for any other projects or profit making ventures. We will suggest other venues if we believe your music is promotable.

Please send all music, lyrics, tapes & CD’s to:

PO BOX 548
FOLEY, MN 56329

If you would like your materials returned, please provide mailer and postage.

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PO Box 548
Foley, MN 56329

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